The deadline of abstract submission has been extended to 9/30.

About abstract submission

  1. We only call for abstracts for poster presentation in this year.
  2. Before abstract submission, please go to the registration system to complete your registration. After that, you can login anytime to upload your abstraction.
  3. All registers can submit not more than 2 abstracts, including abstracts for the 2016 TwIChE conference.
  4. The deadline of abstract submission is 9/15 has been extended to 10/21.
  5. Due to intellectual property concern, the one who submits abstracts should be one of the authors.
  6. Please label the granted number in the abstract if the research is funded from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) or other organizations.
  7. Abstracts should be prepared using the abstract template. Please submit .doc file and the file name should be in English. Do not upload file more than 2 MB.
  8. Before upload your file, please double check all information including the basic information, the author information, and the uploaded file format.
  9. The information of the abstract, the author information, and the uploaded file still can be modified before the submission deadline.
  10. Your study cannot be presented if you does not pay your registration fee.
  11. If the authors have completed the abstract submission but do not receive notification before November 5th, please contact to us as soon as possible.

Instruction for abstract format

  1. Please download abstract template and prepare according to the instruction
  2. If the study is funded from MOST or other organization, please indicate the grant number under the author names.


  1. 今年會議的論文摘要僅接受海報發表。
  2. 投稿作者必須先進入註冊系統並完成註冊,完成後即可隨時登入並進行論文上傳。 
  3. 每位投稿者可以投最多兩篇論文(包括2016台灣化學工程學會年會暨化工學門成果發表會)。
  4. 投稿系統的截止日期為9月15日 已延長至10/21,逾期恕不受理。
  5. 基於智慧財產權之保護,論文投稿之作者必須為該篇論文之作者群之一以示負責。 
  6. 投稿論文如獲科技部或其他單位補助之計畫請填寫計畫編號。 
  7. 上傳之投稿論文之摘要格式請依論文摘要格式撰寫,其檔案格式為.doc,並用英文為檔案名稱,最大檔案限制2M。 
  8. 填寫投稿論文之相關資料後,請依序檢查論文基本資料、作者資料及上傳之摘要檔等,確認無誤後才送出資料。 
  9. 論文狀態在投稿截止前,投稿作者可自行修改論文基本資料、作者資料、投稿
  10. 需完成繳費才可發表
  11. 已完成投搞手續,如於11月5前未接獲任何通知,請儘速與我們聯繫。


  1. 請下載摘要格式範例,並依照指示撰寫。
  2. 計畫編號:若為科技部或其他單位計畫成果,請於作者下方註明計畫編號。