The deadline of abstract submission has been extended to 9/30.

Registration fee (Currency: NTD)

  Through website by 10/31 Onsite at conference
Student 1,200 1,700
Non-student 2,000 2,500
  1. The deadline of online registration is 10/31.
  2. In this year, “The 2016 International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Applications and the 5th Forum on Transport Phenomena Education” and “63rd TwIChE Annual Conference” are both held in National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan. Therefore, the payment of one registration fee allows your access to both conferences.
  3. Please go to the registration system. When you complete registration, you will receive a confirmation email including a link for you to download the remittance form. Please remit your registration fee as soon as possible. There is a remittance handling fee of NT 15.
    (We do not accpet remittance from oversea participants. Please pay the registration fee onsite at the conference)
  4. We need 7 working days to check your remittance. Then you should receive an invoice email of your payment. Please keep that email and the proof of your remittance as references.
  5. The invoice will be delivered when you check in the conference.
  6. The deadline of abstract submission is 9/15 has been extended to 10/21. Please do not miss the due date if you would like to submit your abstract.
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  網路報名 (10/31截止) 現場報名
學生 1,200 1,700
非學生  2,000 2,500

  1. 網路報名截止日為10月31日
  2. 今年由於「2016輸送現象及其應用國際研討會暨第5屆輸送現象教育研討會」與「第63屆台灣化學工程學會年會暨科技部化學工程學門成果發表會」聯合於中央大學舉辦,報名註冊者可同時參加這兩個會議
  3. 請先至註冊系統進行註冊,完成註冊手續後,系統會寄一封確認信及匯款單連結,請自行下載並盡快繳費 (劃撥費用包含手續費15元)。
  4. 入帳核對約需7個工作天,之後系統會寄送繳費成功確認信,連同匯款單的存根請妥善保存以備查。
  5. 註冊費收據將於會議報到時統一發放。
  6. 如欲投稿者,請於投稿系統截止日9月15日 10月21日之前完成投稿,逾期恕不受理。